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Course: Computer Clothing Design I
Teachers in charge Ph. D. Slavenka Petrak, Assoc. Prof.
Ph. D. Slavica Bogović, Assist. Prof.
Study, Module Textile Technology and Engineering - graduate, Module Clothing Design for Industry
Course summary 4 (1+3+0)
Knowledge verification preliminary exam, writing exam
Precondition for testing Regularly completed exercises, accepted term-papers and prelminary exam
Lecture type lectures, practice
Exercise type laboratory practice
Subject content Computer systems for CAD/CAM clothing construction, characteristics, configurations and input-output units. Preparation of cutting part fo digitizing. Methods of special grading. Modelling of articles of clothing. 3D body scanner and computer graphics units. Transformation of cuts with regard to scanned body measures.
Aim of course The students learns how to work at computer graphics units and how to use contactless taking measures by the 3D body scanner, how to grade and adjust cuts to bodily measures.
Literature necessary for course D. Rogale et al.: Računalni sustavi konstrukcijske..., rec. udžbenik Sveučilišta u ZG,1997., Tek.-teh. fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
S. Polanović, D. Rogale: Grafičke radne stanice za rač. dizajn tek. i odj. u tehničkoj pripremi odj. ind., Tekstil, 45,(1996.), 6
Rogale D. et al.: Method of Transforming 3D Clothing Patterns into 2D Cutting Parts, 2nd ITC & DC 2004, Dubrovnik
S. Petrak, D. Rogale: Industrijska unikatna proizvodnja odjeće na temelju 3D-CAD modela čovjeka, Tekstil, 48, (1999.), 8, 397-410
S. Petrak, D. Rogale: Methods of automatic computerised cutting pattern construction, IJCST, 13, (2001), 3/4, 228-239
Supplement literature D. Ujević, D. Rogale et al.: Tehnike konstruiranja i modeliranje odjeće, rec. udžbenik Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, 2004, Tek.-teh. fakultet
M. Vinković: Likovno projektiranje odjeće I, Tekstilno-tehnološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, 1999, ISBN: 953-96408-0-6
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