Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Creation of Haute Couture II

Suradnici: academic painter Paulina JazviŠ, Assoc. Prof. Art.
Study Haute Couture (High Fashion) - postgraduate specia...
Course summary 45
Knowledge verification oral exam
Precondition for testing map with drawings
Lecture type lectures, practice
Subject content Creation of women's and men's haute couture. Creation of unique clothing compositions accepting the attributes of haute couture like for example glamour, elegance, extravagance, uniqueness, exclusivity, the perfection of cut and line, the subsequent artistic processing of textiles etc. Creation for imaginary or real persons.
Aim of course To qualify the specialist for creation and realization of unique clothing compositions in a modern haute couture.
Literature necessary for course Bertin,Celia:Haute Couture, Paris 1956.
Givenchy, Hubert de:The Elegant World of Givenchy, Tokio 1982.
Poiret, Paul: Les Choses de Paul Poiret vues par Georges Lepape, Paris1911.
Miyake, Issey: Body Works, London, Tokio 1983.