Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: Mathematics II

Teachers in charge member of academy Josip Pečarić
Ph. D. Mirna Rodić, Assoc. Prof.
Study, Module Textile Technology and Engineering - graduate, Module Engineering Design and Management of Textiles
Textile Technology and Engineering - graduate, Module Textile Chemistry, Materials and Ecology
Textile Technology and Engineering - graduate, Module Clothing Engineering
Course summary 4 (2+2+0)
Knowledge verification writing exam, oral exam
Lecture type lectures, practice
Exercise type audio practice
Subject content Vectors. Solid analytic geometry. Function of several variables. Series. Differential equations.
Aim of course The aim of this program is to serve as a base to apply mathematics in engineering and technology.
Literature necessary for course T. Bradić, J. Pečarić, R. Roki, M. Strunje: Matematika za tehnološke fakultete, Element, Zagreb, 1999.
B.P.Demidovič, Zadaci i riješeni primjeri iz više matematike s primjenom na tehničke nauke, Tehnićka knjiga , Zagreb,1978.
V.P. Minorski, Zbirka zadataka iz više matematike, Tehnička knjiga, Zagreb
Supplement literature Murray, Spiegel, Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Scientist, Schaum's Outline Series, McGraw Hill Company,1971.