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Specialist laboratory for authorized tests
In the lab a wide range of physical and chemical tests of textile and related materials in conformity with national, international and European standards (directives) are performed. The lab is located in a strictly air-conditioned space (standard atmosphere conditions: relative humidity = 65▒2%, temperature = 20▒2 ░C). State-of-the-art measuring technique and possibility of testing mechanical properties of versatile textile in a wide range of application of force and by using special procedures and loading method (MESDAN utility automatic tensile tester) and testing of abrasion and pilling resistance in conformity with ISO standards (MARTINDALE) should be pointed out. Textile testing service in conformity with national and international standards is made available to the textile industry, including manufacturers, importers, exporters and retail trade. Since no accredited textile testing laboratory has been founded in Croatia, the Faculty of Textile Technology initiated a procedure to establish such a laboratory and get an accreditation certificate in order to be able to offer textile materials testing services to interested manufacturers and the market. This way the competitiveness of domestic textile products on the European market in conformity with the standards of the European Union would be enhanced.

Equipment of the Department of Materials, Fibres and Textile Testing

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