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Course: Cultural Anthropology
Teachers in charge Ph. D. Žarko Paić, Assoc. Prof.
Study, Module Textile and Fashion Design - graduate, Module Theory and Culture of Fashion
Course summary 3 (1+0+2)
Knowledge verification writing exam, oral exam
Precondition for testing attendance at lectures and participation in seminars
Lecture type lectures, seminars
Subject content In this course students will learn about recent developments and contemporary state of the discipline of cultural anthropology. The course will first introduce the cruscial moments of anthropological self-reflection: theoretical, epistemological and political. The period after intense discussions and theorizing has been marked by the opening of cultural anthropology towards the interdisciplinary research of all cultures (elite and non-elite, Western and non-Western) as open dynamic systems which co-exist in a global socio-historical context. In the second part students will learn about new theoretical developments and widening of research topics in this new field of enquiry focused on the relationship of local and global aspects of cultures in the historical context.
Aim of course Students will gain basic knowledge about important anthropological and interdisciplinary discussions which over the past 25 years have changed the discipline of cultural anthropology, both in terms of research areas of interest and theoretical/methodological approaches. Through seminar discussions and writing of a written esay students will also gain skills of argumented critical thinking, learn standard ways of citing literature in scientific works, which will be useful to them for the writing of master's thesis.
Literature necessary for course Clifford, J. 1986. Partial truths. In ""Writing culture"". Berkley: University of California Press.
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Supplement literature Marcus, G. & Fisher, M. (2003). Antropologija kao kritika kulture-eksperimentalni trenutak u humanističkim znanostima. AGM.
Even-Zohar, I. (1997). (revised version of 1990). Polysystem theory.Poetics Today.
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