Faculty of Textile Technology
Course: History and Theory of Design

Teachers in charge Ph. D. Katarina Nina Simončič, Assist. Prof.
Suradnici: Ph. D. Silva Kalčić, Lecturer
Study, Module Textile and Fashion Design - undergraduate, Module Textile Design
Textile and Fashion Design - undergraduate, Module Fashion Design
Course summary 2 (2+0+0)
Knowledge verification oral exam
Lecture type lectures
Subject content Perceiving the object transformations as well as relations towards the object since the beginning of industrial revolution till this day. Owerview of design with all its determining segments and their interrelationships: art, society, technology, manufacture, market. Observing changes in the field of theory of design.
Aim of course Creating awareness about design as an expression of our time which combines almost all areas of human activity as well as of its meaning in the morphogenesis of the entire human environment. The course also enables critical thought of visual environment to evolve and criteria for aesthetic evaluation of its segments to be set.
Literature necessary for course Jocelyn de Noblet: Dizajn, Golden Marketing, Zagreb, 1999.
Fiell, Peter, Fiell, Charlotte: Design of the 20th Century 25 Anv (Meki uvez), Taschen GmbH
Supplement literature Nikolaus Pevsner: Pionori modernog oblikovanja, Grafički zavod Hrvatske, 1990.
Renato de Fusco: Storia del disegno industriale, Laterza, Bari, 1985.
Maurizio Vitta: Il progetto della bellezza, Einaudi, 2001.