Faculty of Textile Technology
Technology laboratory for processes of clothing technologies


Name: Laboratory for practical training in clothing technology
Description: This laboratory is designed in such a way that it represents the whole technological process of manufacturing an article of clothing. The following equipment is installed in the laboratory: pinion type cutter, machine for front fusing, 9 universal sewing machines, 8 special sewing machines, 2 interstage electric steam ironers and a steam press for final ironing, Eton system of programmable intermediate transport with two workplace.
Praktikum odjevne tehnologije

Name: Brother buttonhole sewing machine for stiching buttonholes B980E-01
Description: No description
Šivaći automat za izradu okastih rupica B980E-01 tt. Brother

Name: Brother buttonhole sewing machine for sewing straight buttonholes LH4-B800E-2
Description: This machine sews straight buttonholes and is electronically controlled. It can store 20 various types of holes and 90 various program types respectively. There is a possibility of imitating eye buttonholes.
Šivaći automat za izradu ravnih rupica LH4-B800E-2 tt. Brother

Name: Brother automatic sewing machine for making patterns
Description: It is computer controlled. It has one 12 needle sewing head and operates within a 450x300 workspace.
Šivaći automat za izradu motiva i dezena tt. Brother