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Textile Technology and Engineering (TTE)

The graduates from the course in Textile Technology and Engineering are able to work at the most complex engineering tasks, based on scientific approach to solving practical problems.

The considerable ratio of science, general engineering and textile technology subjects in the curricula enable the master of textile technology and engineering to fit quickly into any manufacturing stage, as well as to acquire the overall picture of the company, to organise and manage any part of the manufacturing process, or the process as a whole, as well as to give his contribution to rationalisation and development of the company that employs him/her. He/she is also able to design, organise and manage the processes in textile companies, in any part of textile technology, and especially in the area of his/her specialisation. He/she is able to work in the research and development, fast transfer of modern technologies and similar tasks in manufacturing processes. He/she can also be employed by merchant houses, as well as in secondary schools, as a teacher of subjects in the area of textiles. Provided he/she continues his/her education at the postgraduate level, student can also try to find his/her career in scientific research.

The branches of Textile Design for Industry and Clothing Design for Industry offer broader knowledge of fabric and garment manufacturing, nurturing at the same time the skills of their artistic aspects. The engineering knowledge and the knowledge of textile technology enable the graduates to apply the knowledge he has acquired successfully in practical fabric and garment design. The graduates of the branches are able, among other things to evaluate the artistic-designer value of any product and initiate development in this area of manufacture.

The graduate courses offered by the Faculty of Textile Technology last for 4 semesters. Graduates earn at least 120 ECTS credits.

The course in Textile Technology and Engineering offers 5 branches:

Graduate university studies