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Independent studies of textiles and textile technology in Croatia were first organized in the early 1960s, at the same time as studies at the Faculty of Technology in Zagreb (initially only chemistry, and later mechanical and clothing) and as three independent colleges, in Duga Resa, Varaždin and Zagreb.

The Zagreb High School began educating textile and clothing designers in the mid-1970s. In 1983, several schools joined the Institute of Textiles and Clothing (at that time part of the Faculty of Technology). When the Institute of Textiles and Clothing was organized as an independent institution in 1991, under the name Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb, it became the only higher education institution in the field of textile technology in Croatia and the only one that systematically conducts scientific research.

In terms of concentration of scientific and higher education staff, number of students and opportunities for professional work, TTF was the strongest higher education institution in the field of textiles and clothing in the former Yugoslavia, and today is one of the largest faculties of its kind in Europe, and our diplomas are internationally recognized the Faculty of Europe (AUTEX) and the Manchester Textile Institute (GB) for the Commonwealth and the USA.

Deans of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology

  • Dean Prof. Boris Karaman Ph.D.
    (1991. – 1995.)

  • Dean Prof. Ivo Soljačić Ph.D.
    (1995. – 1998.)

  • Dean Prof. Drago Katović Ph.D.
    (1998. – 2002.)

  • Dean Prof. Dubravko Rogale Ph.D.
    (2002. – 2006.)

  • Dean Prof. Darko Ujević Ph.D.
    (2006. – 2012.)

  • Dean Prof. Sandra Bischof Ph.D.
    (2012. – 2018.)

  • Dean Prof. Gordana Pavlović Ph.D.
    (2018. - 2020.)


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