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Textile dyeing and printing

Teachers in charge

prof. dr. sc. Martinia Ira Glogar
prof. dr. sc. Ana Sutlović


Ivana Čorak, mag. ing. techn. text., asistent
dr. sc. Iva Brlek, asistent

Course Code


Study, Module

Textile and Fashion Design - undergraduate, Module Textile Design

Course summary

2 (1+1+0)



Knowledge verification

preliminary exam

Lecture type


Exercise type

laboratory practice

Subject content

Selection of dyestuff for cellulose, protein and synthetic fibres. Influence of additives and pH on to the dyestuff exhaustion. Achieving multi-shaded colour from unique dyebath. Production of printing screen. Multi-shaded printing. Pigment printing with and without dyestuff. Special printing effects; crimp effect, flock printing, batik printing, discharge printing. Painting

Aim of course

Student of design acquires knowledge of printing and dyeing techniques through lectures and laboratory practice and becomes independent in self expression.

Literature necessary for course

J. Storey; Dyes Fabrics, Thames and Hudson, New York 1992. J. Storey; Textile Printing, Thames and Huson, New York 1992. Đ. Parac-Osterman; Basics of Dyeing and Printing, Mimeographed notes, TTF, Zagreb 2002.

Textile dyeing and printing

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