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Costume Design

The need and interest in opening the studies of costume design has been developed together with the studies of design that has existed in Croatia for already thirty years. A certain number of former students have been dealing with costume design very successfully for thirty years. When we were discussing with them we realised some disadvantages in education that could be corrected with opening of costume department.

This programme is the result of studying of our best costume designers and former students and is based on the fact that there is a great need and interest for these studies. As we were cooperating with the Academy of Dramatic Art we came to the conclusion to open the common studies, where the scientific and basic part would be at the Faculty of Textile technology because of the rooms and workshops important for the studies, and other subjects connected with theatre, film, and TV would be performed at the ADU as obligatory and mandatory courses. At undergraduate studies of fashion design the students would acquire the first basic and scientific knowledge that they would later need at the studies of costume design.

With new programmes we have been trying to enable the future students to acquire the newest knowledge and skills that are at the level of educational processes in the world, especially those that are performed at European universities.

The programme is structured so that the students can change knowledge and practice with institutions like theatre, film and television. The studies of costume design can be studied by undergraduate students of fashion design (BA), former students of fashion design and textile and clothing design for industry (with attending some extra courses), students of Academy of Fine Arts, of product design and graphic design, but they have to pass all the exams in certain courses.

Costume Design