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Theory and Culture of Fashion

The study is interdisciplinary and offers the possibilities to examination, practical appropriation of basic theoretical knowledge in the field of fashion theory and culture.

The programme combines modular topics in:

  • Fashion and semiotics,
  • Cultural studies,
  • Contemporary art and design,
  • New media and information-communication technology.

Students build upon their conceptual and professional courses to undertake a master's project in a form of dissertation such as in mass media research, fashion journalism and cultural studies particularly as the personal investigation current trends in a fashion design. The methods are lectures, workshops, multimedia projects outside and inside the Faculty of textile technology which include art and fashion exhibitions, events and museum projects. At the end of the courses students represents their projects in a form of performance, communications P.R. with public makers and all kind of online network activities.

The main purpose of study is to develop creative and contemporary skilled fashion designer who will be in charge everywhere in a post-industrial culture and society of spectacle. M.A. of Fashion Design should be a very flexible professional expert to increase global market of intellectual services from mass communication, new media to museum and art performance events today.

Theory and Culture of Fashion