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Academic mobility

In order to implement the Internationalization Strategy and to increase the international visibility of the University of Zagreb, realization of students and staff (teaching and non-teaching staff) mobility is possible through the Academic mobility program, within the defined paragraphs:

  1. outgoing mobility towards strategic partners, with the aim of implementing the Internationalization Strategy and increasing the international visibility of the University of Zagreb:
  2. cross-border mobility towards higher education or scientific institutions worldwide (it is not necessary for the University of Zagreb or its constituent to have an interinstitutional agreement)
  3. mobility of doctoral students from the University of Zagreb (registration fee for active participation at conferences)
  4. announcement of incoming mobility based on bilateral inter-institutional agreements and incoming mobility for the purpose of concluding new agreements and new forms of cooperation.

Call for proposals for Academic mobility is tendered twice a year (late spring, late fall), while paragraphs a) and d) are open in the first round only. The application process is done through the parent institution (FTT).

The activities possible under paragraphs a) and b) are:

  • teaching;
  • collaboration in teaching and research;
  • preparing and collecting written and other course materials;
  • shorter improving or learning about new methods;
  • agreement on new project / cooperation;
  • agreement to continue cooperation;
  • planning a doctoral thesis proposal.

Eligibility requirements for paragraph c):

  • doctoral students must be enrolled in doctoral studies during application and during mobility;
  • only cross-border mobility is possible.

Academic mobility