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Memberships in international associations and institutions

The Faculty of Textile Technology achieves its strategic goals by strengthening its scientific position to the highest level of research, innovation, competitiveness and excellence, through networking, connecting, exchange and comprehensive cooperation with countries that are members of international scientific research institutions.

Membership in these international associations and institutions facilitates teaching and research cooperation in all segments of the textile profession and science for a number of our employees, as well as dissemination of the latest research results at numerous joint textile congresses, with the unavoidable collusion of future collaborations, and the transfer of knowledge and technology to the economic sector.

Membership in international associations and institutions provides a direct link between all members, which significantly facilitates the achievement of the objectives by participating in the project proposals of the European Horizon 2020 research program.

FTT is involved in the following international associations and institutions:


  • AUTEX (Association of Textile Universities) is a network of textile university institutions that brings together 39 European colleges. University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology is one of the founders of AUTEX and its member since its foundation in 1994. AUTEX's mission is to collaborate and network between member institutions at higher educational and scientific levels and to promote their activities and achievements at European and global level. Furthermore, the aim is to encourage student and staff mobility as well as to facilitate the growth of active research partnerships between member universities and invited partners. 
  • BASTE - Since 2019, the University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology has become a member of the newly founded international organization BASTE Balkan Society of Textile Engineers. BASTE is a scientific organization that aims to promote textile and apparel engineering and to support and encourage communication, collaboration and networking of its members. 
  • International (The Danube Adria Association for Automation & Mannufacturing) is an international network for scientific, academic and industrial collaboration, established in 1990. The purpose of this network is to provide a worldwide forum for engineers, scientists and industry managers to present and discuss the current state and impact of advanced manufacturing and automation. Since its inception, the activities of DAAAM International have been supported by more than 10,000 scientists and experts from more than fifty countries around the world. FTT is a member of the DAAAM and one of the founders of the DAAAM International Network for Advanced Technologies, a participant in DAAAM conferences and an initiator and contributing member for the formation of a separate section of textile technology within the DAAAM meetings. For its many years of work and significant scientific contribution, in 2001, our Faculty has received the highest recognition: DAAAM International Gold Medal. 
  • The Textile Institute is an international organization founded in 1925. The main central function of the organization is to provide an operational framework and to maintain quality, with regard to professional qualifications and dissemination of information to members and other interested stakeholders. In 1995, The Textile Institute conducted a process of verification and accreditation of our study plans and programs, whereby FTT degrees were recognized in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • IFKT (International Federation of Knitting Technologists) is an international federation of knitting technologists founded in 1956, and FTT is a member since 2000. In 2002, FTT organized the 14th IFKT Congress in Zagreb and since joining, FTT also participated in their numerous meetings: 2010 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2012 in Sinai, Romania and 2014 in Izmir, Turkey. 
  • SDC (The Society of Dyers and Colourist) is an association that allows FTT to have our students enrolled in the Book of CV`s upon completion of their studies, which the SDC sends to companies and institutions in Europe as a recommendation for employment. 
  • AIC (International Colour Association) is an international association founded in 1884. The FTT was initially an observer, and with the founding of the Croatian Color Association in 2013, the FTT became a full member. 
  • ICTC (International Technical Committee for Textile Care) is an organization where FTT has been a member since 2005 and is actively involved in the work of the Committee. Within the framework of cooperation on textile care, a partnership was initiated in the FP7 project.

Memberships in international associations and institutions