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Scientific papers in the field of research

Ordinance on the conditions for election to scientific titles (Official Gazette no. 28/17).

During the doctoral study, the student is required to acquire at least 62 ECTS credits by publishing scientific papers that are evaluated as follows:

Paper ECTS
Scientific paper of category A of the Ordinance* 40
Scientific paper of category B of the Ordinance 30
Scientific paper in other journals 20
Chapter in a scientific book 20
Scientific paper of category C of the Ordinance 15
Paper published in its entirety in the proceedings of a domestic scientific conference 10
Fully examined patents 30
Consensual patents 20
Leading a scientific project*** 30

*Mandatory according to the Protocol

The stated ECTS credits are valid for papers published by up to four authors. For papers published by more than four authors, the corresponding amount of ECTS credits is calculated in accordance with Article 15 of the Ordinance – 100% for up to four authors, 75% for 5 authors, 50% for 6 authors; 25% for 7 authors, and for more than 7 authors according to 100/n %, where n = number of authors.

  • The copy of scientific papers with a total of 62 ECTS credits earned, where the doctoral student is a co-author of at least one original scientific paper (up to 4 authors with the mentor) published or accepted for publication in a journal of category A of the Ordinance

Scientific papers in the field of research