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Elective courses

The principal purpose of the elective courses is to direct the education of students in more specified fields of scientific research in textile technology.

Elective courses are divided into two groups:

  • Elective courses in the field of textile technology
  • General elective courses

Students are required to enrol on and pass at least five courses from the group of elective courses in the field of textile technology and one course from the group of general elective courses. According to their personal interests, the students can replace one course from the group of general elective courses with the available course of other post-graduate University programs.

Elective courses in the field of textile technology

Course Teacher in charge Hours ECTS
Analytical Measurement System Branka Vojnović 15 2
Anthropometric Systems and Clothing Sizes Darko Ujević 30 4
Colour in design and management Martinia Ira Glogar 30 4
Ecological Approach in Textile Care Tanja Pušić, Ivo Soljačić 30 4
Electromagnetic Waves in Textile Finishing Sandra Bischof, Drago Katović 30 4
Enzymes in Textile Finishing and Care Ivo Soljačić, Tanja Pušić, Anita Tarbuk 30 4
Working Processes Ergonomy of Clothing Technologies Zvonko Dragčević, Anica Hursa Šajatović 30 4
Physico-chemical processes and effects of wet textile finishing Ivo Soljačić, Ana-Marija Grancarić, Anita Tarbuk 30 4
Handling Functions in Clothing Technology 30 4
Industrial Engineering Zvonko Dragčević 30 4
Integrated Systems in Intelligent Clothing Dubravko Rogale 30 4
Garment Engineering Design Jelka Geršak 30 4
Chemistry of Materials and Nanotechnology Gordana Pavlović 30 4
Textile Wasterwater Chemistry Branka Vojnović 30 4
Chemical Modification of Celullose Materials Sandra Bischof, Drago Katović 30 4
Air pollution control in textile production Drago Katović, Sandra Flinčec Grgac 30 4
Cooperative Environmental Management Systems Natalija Koprivanec 30 4
Mechanics of Fibrous Composites Edita Vujasinović, D. Hui 30 4
Methods of computer-based 3D garment construction Slavenka Petrak 30 4
Measurement methods and analysis of process parameters Dubravko Rogale 30 4
Multifunctional dyes in application Đurđica Parac-Osterman 30 4
Nanostructures Karlo Lelas 30 4
New Dyes and Advanced Technologies in the 21st Century Ana Sutlović 30 4
New sizing procedures Stana Kovačević, Ivana Schwarz 30 4
Numerical Methods in Textile Engineering Željko Šomođi 30 4
Clothing Artifact - Methods of Analysis and Attribution Katarina Nina Simončič 30 4
Application of Low-temperature Plasmas in Textile Treatment Sanja Ercegović Ražić 30 4
Process Parameters of Knitwear Production Zlatko Vrljičak 30 4
Design of Spun Yarn Structures Zenun Skenderi 30 4
Design of Woven Fabrics Structures Željko Penava 30 4
Rheology Budimir Mijović 30 4
Sophisticated approach to garment and footwear production Darko Ujević 30 4
Spectroscopic characterization of dyes and pigments Livio Racane 30 4
Structure and Properties of Dyes Livio Racane 30 4
Structures and Properties of Nonwovens Zenun Skenderi, Dragana Kopitar 30 4
Contemporary Digital Printing Igor Majnarić 30 4
Technical Textiles in Separation Processes Maja Somogyi Škoc 30 4
Textile for ultraviolet radiation protection Antoneta Tomljenović 30 4
Theoretical analysis of knitted fabrics and knitting process Vesna Marija Potočić Matković 30 4
Theoretical Analyses in the Yarn Preparation Process and Fabric Production Stana Kovačević 30 4
Thermoinsulation properties of clothing Snježana Firšt Rogale 30 4
Topological invariants in designing functional clothing Slavica Bogović 30 4
Textile and Clothing Comfort and their Assessments Sanja Ercegović Ražić 30 4
Control Systems with Micropneumatics Gojko Nikolić, Goran Čubrić 30 4
Biodegradable Fibres Edita Vujasinović 30 4
Fibres in Forensic Science Edita Vujasinović 30 4

Elective courses