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Textile Science and Technology

Textile Science and Technology (TST)

The doctoral study Textile Science and Technology is a continuation of graduate studies, which combines theoretical knowledge, research and experience in solving problems based on knowledge of modern production systems.

Holder of this study in the scientific field of technical sciences and the scientific field of textile technology is the Faculty of Textile Technology at the University of Zagreb. The teaching staff involves teachers from other faculties within the University of Zagreb (Faculty of Graphic Arts, Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology), as well as teachers from foreign universities.

The doctoral study Textile Science and Technology is based on research in the field of textile mechanical engineering, materials science, textile chemistry and technology, and clothing technology. Due to the continued crisis in the textile industry, Europe is focusing on the research and development of advanced technologies, materials and innovative products with a distinctive importance of human ecology, quality and functionality of the product. The stated goals of the European Research Area in the field of textiles require a higher level of knowledge, which means that the justification of the doctoral studies in the field of textile technology is not questionable.

The program educates doctoral students for the work in research institutions, institutions with partial share of research activities, public and private sectors. Upon completion of the study, candidates will be qualified for teamwork and prepared to independently manage national, bilateral and European research projects in the field of research of the doctoral study. Upon graduation, the acquired knowledge and research potential will enable the students to continue scientific research through post-doctoral training. PhDs employed in the economy will be able to improve the existing technological processes, introduce new technologies and innovative products in accordance with the current trends in the field of textile technology, and beyond.


The goal of the doctoral study program "Textile Science and Technology" is to train doctoral students in the following core competencies:

  • Ability to apply the acquired knowledge and to develop new skills in the field of textile technology and related fields.
  • Understanding the methodology of scientific work and research and its application in the field of textile technology and related fields.
  • Ability to design developmental, applicative and research projects in the field of textile technology, including creative, innovative and original approach to the research.
  • Ability of team work and independent management of developmental, applicative and research projects in the field of textile technology.
  • The ability of critical analysis, evaluation and self-evaluation of the research results.
  • Developed skill to apply original, independent, critical and analytical thinking in research work.
  • Developed generic (transferable) skills and specific scientific skills applicable in professional and research work.
  • Ability to solve complex problems, improving existing and developing new innovative solutions with the purpose of improvement in the field of textile technology
  • Assuming ethical and social responsibility and willingness to face new challenges of the society and the economy.

The structure and organization of doctoral study

Full-time doctoral study lasts for three years. The Council of the Doctoral study may decide to extend the study to five years in exceptional cases,, if there are justifiable reasons. Part-time doctoral study lasts for the maximum of five years and for justified reasons, by decision of the Council of the doctoral study, it may be extended to seven years.

Upon completion of the doctoral study, the student acquires at least 180 ECTS credits. The doctoral study is carried out through the mandatory and optional courses, project tasks and publication of research papers. All courses of the doctoral study last one semester. Mandatory and elective courses are performed within 15 or 30 teaching hours and by passing the exams, the student acquires 2 or 4 ECTS credits (per course). Project tasks are enrolled with a fund of 50 teaching hours in III, IV and V semester and each brings 6 ECTS credits.

The structure of the study - mandatory and elective courses, project tasks and publication of research papers from the field of research:

 Nr of ECTS credits per semesterMin. numb. of ECTS credits
Mandatory courses (3 courses)424---10
Elective courses (4 courses)48-4--16
General elective courses (1 course)4     4
Project tasks--666-18
Papers from the research fieldmin. 62
Doctoral dissertation/PhD thesis70
Sum of credits 180



Exam Schedule for the Doctoral Study Textile Science and Technology for Academic Year 2021/2022



Textile Science and Technology

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