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Department of Materials, Fibres and Textile Testing

Department of Materials, Fibres and Textile Testing as one of structural unit of the Faculty of Textile Technology represent scientific and teaching entity, which act according to the world’s contemporary trends in the area of textile materials.

In conformity with that, employees of Department established new teaching courses and curriculums for students at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate (PhD) level.

Scientific activity of Department is focused on materials and fibres as a fundamental component of all textiles – from conventional to high performance textiles used in  industry, civil engineering, high ranking sport and ecology management up to medical, protective and smart textiles for military, police, fire-fighters, first-responders, etc.

The emphasis is on the study of the interdependence of materials chemical and molecular structures and the resulting properties, the application of the latest methods and methodology in testing of various properties of conventional and technical textiles, development of the testing methods for the evaluation of particular, complex or difficulty measurable properties, as well as for the purpose of quality control and assurance or environmental protection . Such scientific and research activities are proceed through scientific (domestic and international) projects whose results are published in relevant scientific and/or professional journals and presented at Croatian and international congresses, while knowledge obtained in this way is directly transferred in education of our students.

At the Department of materials, fibres and textile testing a lot of analysis are carrying out using standardized and non-standardized methods and approach, in order to control the quality of textile goods, as well as to develop a new product and compile expertise for the industry and textile trade organisations.

For education, scientific and research work six specialized laboratories are available:

  • Fibre Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Physical Testing of Textiles Materials
  • Laboratory for Physical and Chemical Testing of Textiles
  • Laboratory for Physical Testing of Textiles with Standard Atmosphere
  • Laboratory for Restoration and Conservation of Textiles and Forensic Analysis
  • Plasma Treatment Laboratory


Department of Materials, Fibres and Textile Testing