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Fashion Design I

Teachers in charge

doc. art. Josipa Štefanec


doc. art. Josipa Štefanec

Study, Module

Textile and Fashion Design - undergraduate, Module Fashion Design

Course summary

4 (1+3+0)



Knowledge verification

preliminary exam

Lecture type


Exercise type

audio practice, workshops

Subject content

A basic course in the visualization of human figure through the use of line, planes and solid forms; manipulation of mass, volume and void: and the importance of proportion, scale, light and shadow. Black and white media. Basic proportions of fashion figure, garment shape in relation with body, garment details and terminology and principles of drapability of fabrics are studied:

Aim of course

Study of the human anatomy, proportions and movement as basis for better understanding of relation between body and garment. Figure drawing and construction, stressing line and form.

Literature necessary for course

F. Boucher: History of Costume on teh West, Th. & H., London, 1996. V. Mendes, A. de la Hay: 20th Century Fashion, Th. & H., London, 1999. T. Jones, A. Mair: Fashion Today, Phaidon, London, 2000.

Supplement literature

A. Jarnow, M. Guerriero, B.Judelle: Inside the Fashion Business, Macmillan P.Co., N.Y. 1987.

Fashion Design I

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