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Environmental Management

Teachers in charge

prof. dr. sc. Sanja Ercegović Ražić


Anja Ludaš, mag. ing. techn. text., asistent

Course code


Study, Module

Textile Technology and Engineering - graduate, Module Textile Chemistry, Materials and Ecology

Course summary

4 (2+0+2)



Knowledge verification

oral exam

Precondition for testing

finished seminars

Lecture type

lectures, practice

Exercise type


Subject content

Environmental properties - a significant quality element of textile processes and products. Contemporary approach to environmental management - reasons and purpose. International standardization of Environmental Management System (EMS) - a series of ISO 14 000 standards. Determination and inventory of ecological properties as a system elements, process interconnection, Deming circle (Plan/Do/Check/Act). Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), determination and inventory of LCA elements, their interconnection and effects on environment and ecological product characteristics. Principles of assessment and eco-labeling of processes and products (Type I, Type II, Type III). Independent auditing and certification of environmental management system.

Aim of course

Understanding environmental management system as an element of process development planning. Qualification for the life cycle assessment, environmental load management and eco-labeling.

Literature necessary for course

Series of Standards ISO 14000, Enironmental Management Systems Series of Standards ISO 14010, Environmental Auditing and Assessment Series of Standards ISO 14020, Environmental Labels and Declarations ISO 19011

Environmental Management

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