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Nonwoven and technical textile

Teachers in charge

izv. prof. dr. sc. Dragana Kopitar

Study, Module

Textile Technology and Engineering - undergraduate, Module Engineering Design and Management of Textiles


4 (2+2+0)



Knowledge verification

writing exam

Precondition for testing

Regular attendance of lectures and practice

Lecture type


Exercise type

audio practice, laboratory practice

Subject content

Fibres for nonwoven. Technical fibres. Fibre preparation. Methods of web production: carding, air laying, spun laying and wet laying. Web bonding: mechanical, thermal, chemical. Technical yarns. Technical woven and knitted structures. Nonwoven technical structures. Application fields of nonwoven and technical textiles. Textile reinforced composites. Quality parameters of nonwoven and technical textile.

Aim of course

The objective of the course is to familiarize with fibres for nonwoven and technical textiles, routes for nonwoven and technical textiles production, different technologies and machinery, finishing treatments, as well as quality parameters of nonwoven and technical textiles.

Literature necessary for course

Albrecht W.,H. Fuchs, W.Kittelmann:Nonwoven Fabrics,WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co.KGaA, Weinheim, 2003 Horrocks A R, S C Anand: Hadnbook of technical textile, Woodhead Publishing Limited, Cambridge, 2000

Supplement literature

Papers from magazine Tekstil, HIST

Nonwoven and technical textile

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