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Textile Testing

Teachers in charge

prof. dr. sc. Sanja Ercegović Ražić


Anja Ludaš, mag. ing. techn. text., asistent 

Course code


Study, Module

Textile Technology and Engineering - undergraduate, Module Textile Chemistry, Materials and Ecology

Course summary

8 (3+5+0)



Knowledge verification

preliminary exam, writing exam, oral exam

Precondition for testing

finished laboratory practice

Lecture type

lectures, practice

Exercise type

laboratory practice

Subject content

Measurement terms and definitions. Uncertainty and reproducibility of results. Test specimens and sampling. Testing room - atmospheric moisture and laboratory sample conditioning. Methods of testing dimensional, morphological and construction characteristics of textiles - length, diameter, linear density, maturity, crimp, twist level, yarn evenness, friction properties, hairiness. Strength and elongation tests, elastic recovery, loop and knot strength; tear tests, bursting strength, stiffness test, shear strength, flexural rigidity, torsional rigidity, crease-resistance. Performance characteristics: fabric handle, drape, comfort, air permeability, static electricity, resistance to abrasion and pilling, fireproofness and waterproofness, colour fastness, dimensional stability.Textile damage testing.

Aim of course

Knowledge of exact and objective evaluation of textile properties and quality; development of capabilities of the application of basic engineering knowledge in the evaluation of materials; basic knowledge of establishing and implementing the control of production processes; methods and technique of testing various properties of textile materials and evaluation based on test results; qualification for the organization and implementation of laboratory control of textile quality and analysis of deviation causes.

Literature necessary for course

R. Čunko: Textile Testing, University of Zagreb/Faculty of Textile Technology, ISBN 86-329-0180-X, Zagreb, 1995 (textbook)

Supplement literature

R. Čunko, E. Pezelj: Textile Testing - Guidance for Laboratory Practice, manuscript Croatian Standards (HRN) - field: Textile testing M. Bona: Statistical Methods for the Textile Industry, Textilia, 1993

Textile Testing

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