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Textile Wastewaters

Teachers in charge

prof. dr. sc. Branka Vojnović


Petra Mihovilović, mag. chem., asistent

Study, Module

Textile Technology and Engineering - undergraduate, Module Textile Chemistry, Materials and Ecology

Course summary

4 (2+2+0)



Knowledge verification

preliminary exam

Precondition for testing

Basic chemistry exam

Lecture type

lectures, practice

Exercise type

laboratory practice

Subject content

Textile industry and environment impact. Characteristic of textile wastewaters. Characteristic parameters of textile wastewaters and its determination (pH, conductivity, hardness, heavy metals, anions, alcality, solid and suspended matter). Oxigen content. Water quality standards. Water treatment processes (machanical, chemical and biological purification). Water quality and treatment for purposes of textile industry. Wastewaters treatment plants. Softening of water. Ion exchangers in water treatment processes. Problems of corrosion. Textile wastewater treatment processes. Chemical oxidation of textile wastewaters. Reuse and recycling of textile water and wastewaters.

Aim of course

The aim of the cuorse is that student will get the basic teoretical and practical knowledge about o textile wastewaters, textile process waters and water treatments and basic skills for work in analytical laboratory for textile water characterisation.

Literature necessary for course

•    Vojnović, B.: Interna skripta iz predmeta „Otpadne vode tekstilne industrije“ te materijali s predavanja
•    Bokić, Lj., Vojnović, B.: Interna skripta za vježbe iz kolegija Otpadne vode tekstilne industrijE
•    Yussuf M., Handbook of Textile Effluent Remediation, Singapur, 2018.

Supplement literature

•    Mackenzie, L.D., Water and wastewater engineering [design principles and practice], New York, 2011 .
•    Metcalf & Eddy, Wastewater engineering: treatment and resource recovery. - vol 1. i 2.  / AECOM., New York : McGraw-Hill Education, 2014.
•    Water research, journal (IWA Publishing), Elsevier

Textile Wastewaters

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