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Garment Finishing

Teachers in charge

izv. prof. dr. sc. Tihana Dekanić

Study, Module

Textile Technology and Engineering - undergraduate, Module Textile Chemistry, Materials and Ecology

Course summary

3 (2+1+0)



Knowledge verification

writing exam, oral exam

Precondition for testing

oral exercise exam

Lecture type

lectures, practice

Exercise type

laboratory practice, workshops

Subject content

Denim Garmet Wet Processing (stone wash and enzymes); Decoloration, Laser treatment; Preparation for Garment Dyeing; Garment finishing, dyeing and printing; Wrinkle-Resistant Finishing of Cotton Fabrics and Garment; Garment Wet Processing Equipment; Advantages and disadvantages of garment finishing; Front Bonding Interlining on Top Cloth.

Aim of course

Modern and high quality garment finishing with quick answer on buyers request is very actual. Denim Garment is special concerning season fashion changes.

Literature necessary for course

AATCC Garment Wet Processing, American Association of Textile Chemist and Colorists, NC USA 1994. Carr C.M. Textiles Industry, Blackie Academic&Professional, London, New York 1995.

Supplement literature

papers from Tekstil, Textilveredlung, AATCC Review (in colaboration with teacher)

Garment Finishing

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